Pollen in honey

Pollen in honey, Czech Krumlov Original

In addition to honey, pollen is the second main nutritional composition and, together with water bees, they do not need anything else. It can be seen that the soup is rich in the various substances needed for the organism. While they contain mainly sugars, they are the main nutritional component of proteins.

Pollen is welcome in human nutrition everywhere where the body quickly needs to recover tissues. Its use is therefore in people after severe and exhausting illnesses, after surgery or major injuries. It is valuable for patients recovering from cerebrovascular accidents, prolonged neural disease, or for exhaustion. It is good to use pollen only temporarily when we are subjected to mental tension or stressful situations. We also recommend the overall strengthening of the organism. Its mild hormonal action is used to treat prostate inflammation or to reduce the growth of this gel in old age.

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