Pressed gingerbread

Pressed gingerbread, Czech Krumlov Original

The Old Bohemian gingerbread is made in our bakery to the original recipe from the 16th century. It is hand pressed into wooden molds professionally carved from fine fruitwoods which had to be carefully chosen. The particular time and temperature of baking give the gingerbread its colour.

The age-old history of gingerbread has been linked with cultures and history of mankind.The first note of the gingerbread production in the Czech countries comes from 1335 when the products were sold. The recipe adds flour, high quality honey and a wide range of important spices. Every gingerbread master kept his own recipe secret and handed it to his successor. About 90 various rare herbs and spices are known to the original Middle Ages recipes. Originally, the term gingerbread (from Latin zingiber via Old French gingebras) referred to preserved ginger or the German term Pfefferkuchen (pepper cake). Our gingerbread is made of high quality South Bohemian honey, flour, spices and it is edible. In the past gingerbread was used in different ways. People decorated their home interiors, sweetened porridge or served it as a dessert dunked into hot drinks. Nowadays hand pressed gingerbread is a work of art rich in symbols cut into various shapes reminding us the colourful history of mankind. It is lavishly decorated and can be used to make our home smell nice because of the predominant flavours of spices.

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